Payment Issues

If you have had problems purchasing one or more packages in any of the Xombat games, please follow our advice before you do anything else.

First of all, how long have you waited? You should know that it can take up to 24 hours to successfully apply the packages to your account.

Secondly, was the transaction successful? If so, and if you have waited long enough to be sure that the package will not be applied, it´s time to contact Xombat.

Make sure that you include the following things in your mail:

- A short explanation of what happened, the game you bought a package for and the packages your bought (The developer will double check anyways but it can make things easier to find your transaction faster)

- Your user-id, which you can generally find in the game's FAQ (On AM3: upper menu -> board -> help -> either on top of the page or when you scroll down a bit in the question "What is my user-id?")

-Your transaction number which you can find in one of the payment emails

-And if possible a screenshot of the bill

Send that information to:



We at am3info are not responsible for the transactions! Please do not mail us! We will not and can not solve those issues!

Please be aware that it usually takes 1 - 3 days for the developer to solve your problem. And even if it takes longer - Payment issues are ALWAYS solved by Xombat, as long as there really is a problem and you send all of the needed information to the right address. Don´t worry, even if you have to wait a little longer. The developer usually compromises the wait.