Disclaimer: Join the stock market at your risk.

Stock Market can be enticing to try out for new users. Here's a comprehensive guide on the stock market.

A good time to join the stock market is when you have a steady flow of cash into your airline. Keep your airline's priority on top of the stock market's.

In order to conduct trade on the stock market, you need to perform an IPO (Initial Public Offering). The cost of IPO varies with the amount of assets you have. Your own airline is also listed on the stock market when you perform an IPO. As a result of IPO, 20K shares of your own company are available for purchase (by other airlines). You can sell more than 20K shares by spending bonus points.

You can position your company in one of the 6 markets which are divided into continents. Please note, your selection of continent is final and you cannot change it later.

For initiating trade on the stock market, an investment account is needed. You can create it under the "Bank" tab.

In order to purchase shares of another airline, you have to access one of the 6 markets. Click any one of the airlines and then click "Buy" to purchase the shares. You can categorize your selection in each market according to most expensive (Highest) shares, least expensive shares (Lowest) or highest number of share activity (Activity).

It's affirmative that you invest your money into an airline which will give you maximum return. When investing, look out for the graph that indicates the company progress. The horizontal axis represents how active the airline is and the vertical axis (share value) represents the overall growth of an airline.

It's unwise investing in an airline whose owner hasn't played the game for a long time or whose growth doesn't satisfy you.

When you see an airline with a red downward arrow, it indicates the share value of the airline has fallen. A green upward arrow indicates the share value has rose. However, it's fairly clever to check out the company progress chart of an airline while investing. Many players face temporary fluctuations in their company progress chart, as a result their share value fall. But this shouldn't prevent you from purchasing shares of those companies when they have an upward trend or fairly steep graph on their company progress chart.

When buying shares, an 11% broker's fee is added to the total cost of purchase.

You can view the shares you own under the "Investment" tab. The (+) sign indicates the shares you own had an increase in value. The (-) sign indicates it had a decrease in value.

If you decide to sell your shares, you have to click "Sell". The money will be transferred to your investment account. It's worth noting that when you sell shares, your 11% broker's fee should be broken even.

Here are some essential points you should remember while using the stock market:

1) If you buy the shares of X Airline, X will NOT receive any money. And vice-versa.

2) Shares kept for the LONGEST time usually yields the most income. Shares are appropriate for long term income.

3) It's not possible to invest in your own airline. Creating multiple accounts to buy stocks in your own airline is a blatant violation of the ToS and you will be banned.

4) The stock market will be very inactive at times. Because not everyone is willing to spend bonus points to increase the amount of shares they can sell.

Now the question arises, how important is the stock market? Turns out, NOT MUCH at all.

When you perform an IPO, you don't get any money if another company invests in you/ buys your share.

Again, many players quit on their will; without even warning their investors. Therefore, all your investment goes away when that player restarts.

The best thing you can do is invest in your own company.