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How to find good routes and set prices

Ticket prices
To calculate the ticket prices, you multiply your route length (L) with specific values. Those values depend on your high cost carrier percentage (HCC%) (go to Menu -> Airline -> Settings to change that)

Let´s first make clear how the suggested ticket prices (Autoprices) are calculated.
The percentage is the respective HCC%, L is the route length in km.
0-9%: E= L*0.70 B=L*0.98 F=L*1.40 [...]

"How to compare aircraft" by MDCairways

With 200+ aircraft in its database, AM3 offers you a wide range of flying stock to choose from. There is two handful of aircraft, which you will get recommended when asking on the forum. But the best thing is to be able to select the right aircraft yourself. So let’s have a look at the details of your next investment:


"The Stock Market Guide" by Air Americana

Disclaimer: Join the stock market at your risk.

Stock Market can be enticing to try out for new users. Here's a comprehensive guide on the stock market.

A good time to join the stock market is when you have a steady flow of cash into your airline. Keep your airline's priority on top of the stock market's.


"The long, long read for Newbies" by MDCairways

Summary: This is a small help for newbies with no experience with AM-games to get a good start in AM3.


Welcome to AM3, an online management game, where you are the head of a virtual airline. As such, your main task is to set up routes to different targets and depart your aircraft (or short a/c), buy new ones, train your staff, set prices, expand and grow.