FAQ Airline Manager 3 AM3 help


Do engine types make difference?

Yes! Engine types do make a difference in AM3.

Does fuel efficiency really matter?

Well, depends. When you start playing, fuel can really screw you up. If you do not want to put effort into finding good routes that make you a lot of money, then you should look for aircraft with a lower fuel consumption.

Do I need to configure my plane(s)?

If you want that plane to be in your end fleet, then yes, that would be more profitable. But with used planes, reconfiguring is mostly useless since economy should be your main config anyways.

How many stopover can a route have?

1 and 1 only.

Can I change the stopover?

No, you need to close that route and make a new one.

When should I schedule maintenance?

If you decide to maintain your planes instead of buying new ones or bypassing checks by postponing them using the bonus point shop, then you should pay attention to the hours. As soon as a check is due, you won't be able to depart it anymore. That can be very expensive if it's not at a hub with hangar.

Can I cancel scheduled maintenance?

Nope, plan carefully next time.

Error, The Runway length is only x,xxx ft.?

Not only destination runway, check also your HUB and STOPOVER runway.

How can I change my ticket price?

Go to your routes, then click on the route you want to change prices on. There you can find a button "Ticket prices".
You can also get there by going to your fleet, clicking on the specific aircraft, there on "Route details" and then "Ticket prices".

How can I find catering?

After you become a certified airline you can access the "Airline" page (Main Menu -> Airline). There you can go to "Settings" and change the catering.

How to advertise efficiently?

The most important thing is that you don't start advertising too early. In AM3 it's very expensive and only becomes profitable with a bigger amount of routes. I highly suggest to add a logo and go for ~100% campaign efficiency.

How to count my seat configuration?

Basically economy = 1 seat, business = 2 seats and first class = 3 seats. But you can just use some tools provided by our great community. https://am3info.com (Tools coming soon)

How to do Maintenance?

Go to maintenance tab -> Plan a new one, schedule it before the due.

How much is the planes limit?

250 + unlimited bonus point planes as of 20.11.2018.

What’s the amounts of maximum planes in a single route?

You can only assign 10 aircraft to the same destination. If you want to have more you can simply change your hub and assign 10 more planes to the same destination.
I recommend to spend as much money as you can before purchasing new hubs since the costs are based on your balance. (But obviously leave enough to be able to purchase one)

I can’t swap A/C?

Make sure both in your HUB and second airplane MUST have the ability to cover the route range.

What are these percentage beside the destination name when I want to create a new route?

The upper one is the overall demand market, the lower one are classes demand: Economy (Blue), Business (Green) and First Class (Red).

Does a stopover effect the route demand?

Yes! The route demand is the average of stopover and destination demand. This applies to the overall- and the sub-demands (E, B, F).
Route Demand = (Stopover demand + destination demand) / 2

My plane is usually full, but today suddenly empty?

You’re now a Certified Airlines or an event ended.

What’s that mean?

After 5 flights you will need to pay attention to everything from route, ticket price, seat configuration, advertising, etc.

What is DC-9-10?

Best beginner plane if you want to grow fast. Does require some effort though.

I can’t find the Concorde, where is it?

It’s produced by Aerospatiale. Be careful though, the achievement is not available for the current used Concordes. (20.11.2018)

What is the best route from *insert your hub name*?

No idea, just use our great map at am3info.com and find the best airports in your range.

Ok, but one of the best airports is very close to my hub?

Then simply search for a good stopover far away and use the one close as destination.

What happens if I change my hub?

Instead of changing hubs like in AM2, you now simply purchase additional hubs. So...


Can I see my friend(s) fleet?


Can I see my friend(s) fleet?

If his planes have liveries then yes, simply click on the profile.

Can I search my friend(s) ranking?

Nope, ask them, it’s easier and faster

How to add logo?

Upload it first through Profile->Change Logo/Upload new logo. Make sure to use the direct link(!!!) and have patience.

How to change my airlines name?

Simply go to Main menu -> Increase -> Bonus shop -> Change name.

How to earn Bonus Points (BP)?

Achievement, some special event (New Year and so on) by Devs or just buy it to support developers.

How to grow fast?

Use DC-9-10 Strategy, enuff said.

I can’t get 100% Reputation

Getting there was for most of us a debilitating back and forth. I suggest you to read the survey guide and train your patience.

I want to change my phone, how to keep the data?

Link it with Facebook or Google.

Staff strategy?

Don't even try to negotiate.

Hiring/firing staff system in-game?

All your new planes (used & new) will come with the complement staffs, but if you sell them, they will remain in your airlines.

Where is the Easter Egg?

Not this question again, one more time, use the search function, there’s a lot of hints scattered, and if you lucky, you will find a post that say exactly where it is (If the post not yet deleted). You get 200BP for this.

What is Realism Mode? Any advantage?

It’s just a badge that make your profile a bit cooler, since it’s a bit harder, it limits your delivery time, fuel capacity, landing strip requirement, and other little things. It also has an effect on the SV formula.

Clear advantages of easy mode?

  • Fuel is cheaper on easy. (Fuel easy = Realism fuel x 0,65)
  • You can use the auto suggest button when creating routes on easy.
  • Runway length (the required minimum length for a plane to land/take off) doesn't matter on easy, which can be a problem in realism from time to time.
  • You can reduce the delivery times of used planes in easy.
  • 20% higher Share Value.

I just lost realism mode, how do I get back.

You can't just go back into realism mode. You will have to restart if you really want to experience a little bit more "realism".

Then, what about my real money I have spent?

Sadly, it’s gone too.

What is Pax?


What is Turnover time?

Time needed for a plane to land, refuel, clean, board the passengers, and ready to take-off again.

When to buy fuel?

Mainly depends on your mode and needs. Good fuel prices for realism mode is everything around 800 dollar or lower and for easy mode its everything from 550$ or lower. However, it should be clear that the money you loose because of not flying is often more than you save by waiting for better fuel prices.


What is the advantage of go public

None, since their money not go into your pocket, just some achievement, roleplay, and make new friends.

How to buyback my shares?

You can't buyback shares yet.

How to increase my Share Value (SV)?

Keep growing, buy planes, use your money and fuel in store, basically, grow your assets value.

I can’t find my friend company in the market?

Either he/she haven’t go public, are sold out or you’re in the wrong region market.

Is there a limit of shares I can buy?

Nope. Only a limit of shares to offer, which can be increased with bonus points.

What if the company I invested in go bankrupt or restart?

Unfortunately, that’s a loss for you…


How about Aircraft Lease?

Nope, already suggested many times, and mostly get negative feedback.

How about Alliance?

Why would an airline with SV 1000$+ share his/her profit with airlines SV of 2$?

How about Automatic Depart?

Then who will play the game…

How about Cargo/Freighter service?

Just wait.

How about Helicopter?

No thanks.

How about Live Chat?

Nope, just use something like Facebook for it.

How about selling used planes to friend?

Hmm, how much will you charge these “friends” for each aircraft?

How about vacation mode?

Airlines will work twice as hard on vacation mode ;)



  • Read FAQ section before asking any questions.
  • Search thoroughly with search function whether your question have asked and answered before.
  • Ask if you have done step 1 and 2 and found no answers at all.


  • Advertise your airline on the board.
  • Ask "Where the Easter Egg?" ( We do really hate it, really).
  • Confuse between the different board sections. The description is right in front of you...
  • Post repetitive posts. Simply look if a topic has already been written about the same thing, it's really not that hard...
  • Post about low fuel price, we know it okay? And don’t post the pattern either, the dev will change it, thanks to you.
  • Post in language other than English, we appreciate more if you use broken English, that way we can still help you, but if it’s not, we can’t help you and will down vote you.
  • Spam.
  • Suggest freighter plane, we have no cargo flight yet, why would we need it?
  • Whine and/or using ALL CAPSLOCK LIKE THIS, it’s hurting our eyes.

If you want to learn more about AM3, visit the guide section in AM3 or have a look at our website AM3info.com